Woolworths Supermarket Gift Card

Looking for a gift for the foodie in your life? Or perhaps you want to help nan buy her next round of groceries? A giant selection of fresh produce, toiletries and more are available with a Woolworths Supermarket Gift Card.

Redeemable in-store or online at Woolworths stores, a Woolworths Supermarket Gift Card is a simple and easy gift for everyone to enjoy.


Why pick a Woolworths Supermarket Gift Card?

No expiry date

Spend it at Woolworths whenever you want

Free eGift Card delivery in less than 10 minutes*

It will land straight in your mailbox ready to use

Redeem online or in-store

Spend your Gift Card at a Woolworths store or at woolworths.com.au

Personalised unique gift

Add your own message and image to your eGift Card

What's the difference between a Woolworths Supermarket and Groceries Gift Card?

Woolworths Supermarket
Store eGift Card

  • Available as an online eGift Card only
  • Redeemable only at Woolworths Supermarkets, online and in store
  • Free delivery via email
  • Sent to your email address in less than 10 minutes*
  • Load funds from $5 to $500

Woolworths Supermarket
Physical Gift Card

  • Available as a Physical Gift Card only
  • Redeemable at Woolworths Supermarkets, online and in store
  • Delivery within 6 working days via courier or standard post
  • Post them to your recipient's address
  • Load funds from $5 to $500

Simply Groceries eGift & Physical Card

  • Available as an eGift & Physical Gift Card
  • Redeemable only in store at Woolworths Supermarkets
  • Free eGift Card delivery via email
  • Physical Gift Card delivery within 6 working days via courier or standard post
  • Load funds from $5 to $500

Where can I spend my Woolworths Supermarket Gift Card?

Woolworths eGift Card & Physical Gift Card

Redeem at Woolworths Supermarkets, online and in store

Need help finding your nearest Woolworths Supermarket?

How does a Woolworths Gift Card work?

Spend in store

 eGift Card

  • Select 'Card' as a payment method;
  • Scan the barcode or enter the eGift Card number (also called in-store code);
  • You can find your eGift Card barcode, in-store number and PIN on your email.

Physical Gift Card

  • Select 'Card' as a payment method;
  • Swipe your Gift Card through the terminal;
  • Enter the 4 digit PIN located on the reverse of your Gift Card (called 'Access code') under a scratch panel.

Spend online

eGift & Physical Gift Card

  • Select Gift Card as a payment option;
  • Enter the 19 digit card number, as well as the 4 digit PIN;
  • You can find your Online number and PIN on reverse of the Physical Gift Card or on your eGift Card email.

Help and FAQs

If you have a question about Woolworths Gift Cards, get in touch with us or read our FAQs

Read the Branded Physical Gift Card Terms & Conditions

Read the Branded Store eGift Card Card Terms & Conditions

The above time periods are an estimate only from the verification of your payment. Most orders will be delivered within 10 minutes, however times may vary up to 48 hours subject to public holidays, peak periods and order verification.